Video Store Day 2022 is HERE!

Video Store Day is HERE!

We’ll be celebrating the 12th Annual International Video Store Day, the importance of physical media, and the majesty of The Scarecrow Collection, ALL DAY with great sales and good times in the store from 12-8 AND streaming LIVE from 1-9PM PT on our YouTube Channel. Join your hosts Emalie Soderback and Matt Lynch for a day of fun interviews, short films, and surprise guests. Highlights of today’s programming (all times Pacific and subject to change):

1:13        Interview: Leonard Maltin

1:30        Music from Diirt

1:49        Interview: Will Oldham

3:00        Music from David Plell

3:30        Community spotlight: Rising Reels

4:30        Music from Nessa

5:00        All new video collage from Collide-O-Scope

6:00        Interview: Martha Kelly

6:40        Filmly Feud Rematch

7:10        Shorts from the Sprocket Society

7:40        Interview: Brian Saur

(Please note that, due to a scheduling conflict, our interview with Andrea Arnold has been postponed. For updates, subscribe to our e-newsletter. Also note that our interview with Will Oldham will not be archived and can only be viewed live.)

Video Store Day is also a fundraiser supporting Scarecrow’s continued operation, and it’s an important one this year. The lingering impact of the pandemic, current economic conditions and some unfortunate, unexpected expenses have all combined to make it a tough budget year. Video Store Day is traditionally our greatest annual source of support and we will need EVERYONE’s help reaching our goal.

You can make your tax-deductible contribution RIGHT NOW to help us reach our goal. As a thanks to those who give $150 or more, we’re offering our latest limited-edition supporter t-shirt designed by Scarecrow’s own Wil Long. Grab yours before they’re gone.

Thanks so much for keeping Scarecrow here with your support, keeping the world’s largest collection protected and available, and being our partner in reaching more people through the magic of movies.



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