Ever wonder how we keep track of all of those movies? Or if we really talk do talk about movies all the time? If these questions keep your mind spinning, then it’s time to join the ranks of our volunteers – those few and dedicated people who are willing to give some spare time to discover the inner-workings of Scarecrow Video.

Because keeping tabs on over 130,000 titles is somewhat involved, we do ask our volunteers to make a minimum of a six-month commitment of one, 4-hour shift per week. In exchange, you get to totally and completely unabashedly geek out on movies in the best place on Earth to do so. After you’ve been with us for awhile, other perks roll along like free rentals, occasional swag and special benefits with some of our community partners.

In addition to re-shelving movies and supporting the floor staff, we need skilled volunteers to assist with special projects:

  • Graphic design
  • Children’s Hour program

If you would like to support the local film community and help Scarecrow continue to offer the great service for which we are known, then let us know by emailing us at volunteer@scarecrow.com !

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